Our Passion

Myres Consulting is dedicated to facilitating positive change in individuals and organizations to help them reach their actual potential. Our passion is to foster organizational and personal growth, improve processes, and create world class brand experiences to deliver exceptional advantages in the market. We desire to provide the tools to not only make these changes, but to ensure that they become a part of your business’ culture and offer lasting results. We exist because we love what we do, and wish to be a part of your success.


Creating lasting value

We understand that many consulting firms offer a promise of great success, yet lack the experience and understanding required to deliver them. They seek to reinvent the wheel and are successful in developing systems for change that burn brightly, then over time begin to fade away. Myres Consulting employs a common-sense approach that is time tested and proven to be considerably successful. Our focus is on collaborative planning, change management, communication, and implementation. The assistance we provide in these areas has the power to take individuals, companies, and organizations to the next level of growth and development.

People are the greatest asset.

Strategic planning

Executive Coaching

Sales and Brand strategy

Leadership development

Process improvement

Change management


Our services

Strategic planning that drives performance.

Strategic planning is often a process of someone from the outside looking into your organization and developing their plan. Our approach is different. We work with you and your team to facilitate the business analysis, identify the business drivers and help you develop strategy and tactics that you own. This proven technique not only helps your team “buy in” to where your organization is going, but to “own” the strategy and to deliver results. By working collaboratively on a strategic plan, we work on team dynamics, communications and leadership development as well.

Strategic planning is not an end, but a beginning of great things for your organization.

Brand and culture development that delivers on the value proposition.

We used to think of a brand simply as a logo or slogan, today we know brands are at the heart of customer loyalty, satisfaction and organizational success. Brands are not only what we see in an ad or online, but more importantly, a brand is what we experience and feel as a customer or client.

It was once said that “the devil is in the details”, and when it comes to the development and management of a strong brand, details are everything. How simple are you to do business with? What is your error rate or number of defects? Do your people simply have a job or are they on a mission to serve your customers? How well does your technology deliver value for your customers? How does the community perceive your organization? The answers to these questions and more define your brand. Our proven approach helps you answer these questions and more and delivers real customer value in sync with your brand.

Organizational Tuneups to move an organization forward.

Often an organization is doing well or sometimes not so well, but is stuck and can’t move forward.   You know there are more opportunities out there and something needs to be done to move the organization forward. We can help by asking the right questions and facilitating a discussion and process with you and your team to further develop your culture, brand, organization and processes to deliver greater value to your customers and better bottom line results.

Sales and customer experience development that delivers real customer value.

Every time we interact with a customer, one of three things happens. We can build our brand, we are neutral to our brand or we can destroy our brand. Today more than ever, your customers are just a click away from moving to a competitor, based upon their experience with you.

Have you really looked at your customer experience and sales practices lately to ensure that every interaction is actually building your brand or at least doing no harm. Our proven approach to dissecting sales and customer service processes not only increases the customer experience, it improves efficiency and bottom line results. Helping you develop strong strategy and tactics to improve your sales results based upon techniques known to work in large organizations and small is part of our DNA.

Ask us about how we dissect the FROG?


MYRES CONSULTING, LLC is a management consulting firm dedicated to the success of our clients. Our specialty is partnering with companies and organizations of all sizes who have a desire to grow and improve. For companies seeking to improve performance and efficiency, plan for the future, build their brand, solve management issues, enhance the customer experience, and simplify their operations, Myres Consulting can help. We do this by fostering cultural change and innovation and develop a close relationship with your team.

“I retired from the corporate world to take the lessons I learned and use them to help your business or organization. Due to my role in building a world-class brand with a world-class customer experience at ING DIRECT; I have a unique perspective. I’ve learned how to foster positive change, driven by a culture that delivers results over the long term.”

Founder Brian Myres has 36 years of experience in the banking business. From community banks and startups to regional banks, as well as his roles as a senior executive in three different Fortune 500 financial services companies, Myres has an in-depth knowledge of how to grow and improve companies.

We invite you to contact us for answers to your questions. We’d also love the opportunity to discuss our services with you, and to join you in building your future success.

Quite simply, we create value and have fun doing it.